An Introduction To Various Whiskey Types

Despite personal inclinations, almost anyone can enjoy a deeper grasp of their beloved spirit. However, once you develop a taste for whiskey, it is impossible to switch to any other alcoholic drink. After all, whisky is an instant mood enhancer! If you don’t know your Kentucky bourbon versus your Canadian whiskey, spend some time reading the article below before diving into the world of spirits:

What Exactly Is Whiskey?

Whiskey is a diluted drink made from ripened barley mash. This blend is often aged in oak barrels, which gives it a particular dark flavour and aroma. However, there are other puzzling subgroups under the concept of “whiskey,” each with minor (but substantial) differences.

What Sets Bourbon Apart From Other Whiskeys?

To be termed bourbon, the brew must include at least fifty percent wheat, barley, rye, malt barley, or malt rye grain. Moreover, the mixture must be kept in charred oak barrels with no other ingredients. These criteria effectively define the distinction between bourbon and the entire world.

What Is Scotch?

Scotch is a whiskey that has been made and matured in the Scottish Highlands. It’s usually brewed with malted barley, while bourbon is manufactured using maize. Scotch has a similar flavour to bourbon, but with a unique “bite” that remains at the corners of the mouth, which is why some people dislike Scotch, while others see it as a timeless classic that enriches the whole experience. One element is certain: beginners should avoid Scotch.

What Is Irish Whiskey?

Irish whiskey is processed three to four times before packaging, while most Scottish whiskey is fermented twice. Unlike Scottish liquor, Irish whiskey uses a lot of barley but lacks the smokey, snuffed flavour that arises from pine, utilised in Scotch whiskey.

What Is The Difference Between Moonshine And White Whiskey?

Unpasteurized maize mush that has been extracted quickly is referred to as “moonshine.” It stems from the term ‘moonrakers,’ which has been used to describe early English smugglers and the privacy of the action (i.e., by the light of the moon). Because “moonshine” alludes to illegal booze made from scratch, whiskey labelled “moonshine” in stores is white whiskey. This alcohol is only white since it hasn’t seen the inside of a wooden barrel.

What Is Japanese Whiskey?

Japanese whisky is an incredible treat. Masataka Taketsuru, Suntory’s inaugural master distiller, researched in Scotland and started a relationship with the taste of Scottish whiskey. As with the Scots and the Canadians, the vowel “e” is dropped. Japanese whiskey is hard to characterize into a single type, yet it seems to have a particular flavour character, similar to Scotch.

What Is Canadian Whiskey?

The words “Canadian whiskey” and “Rye Whisky” are interchangeable in Canada. Canadian whiskey is often softer and more delicate than other distilleries. It’s made from various grains, with maize being the most popular. For an extended period, rye was a popular component, thus the term interchangeability in Canada.

Is Rye A Good Alternative?

As the name implies, rye whiskey is made with at least 50% rye. What is rye, exactly? Rye is a grass related to barley and corresponds to the wheat family.

To summarise:

You’ll be able to enjoy your favourite beverage even more profoundly after learning about the numerous alternatives and stories behind each brand of whiskey. Select your favourite whiskey, based on your personal preferences and acquired taste.

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