7 Reasons Your Project Management Career Needs PRINCE2 Certification

The PRINCE2 Certification’s several levels

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is more in-depth in its preparation for the job of project management. This course will help you comprehend the complexities of issue resolution, project control, and monitoring, and you’ll learn how to customise and implement PRINCE2 into projects more effectively. After passing the Foundation course or the PMP, CAPM or IPMA certification test, you are eligible to take the Practitioner module.

In addition to the two levels of PRINCE2 Agile training, professionals also take courses to learn how to apply Agile principles into their projects.

PRINCE2: Additional Considerations

  • As a joint venture between the Government of the United Kingdom and Capita, Axelos owns and manages it.
  • Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 – 2017 is the official study guide for the certification.
  • As a project management methodology, PRINCE2 aims to integrate industry best practises in a prescriptive manner.
  • There are seven PRINCE2 principles that must be followed as a part of the curriculum.
  • The duties and responsibilities of each member of the project team are clearly defined by PRINCE2. As a result, the what, when, and who of the project’s environment are all addressed here.

7 Reasons Your Project Management Career Needs PRINCE2 Certification

1. Industry-tested Skill Sets

Getting better at your job is the number one goal of any professional training you take. PRINCE2 will help you improve your project management abilities by Sprintzeal. Every aspect of a project is covered by the PRINCE2 methodology. A deeper grasp of project feasibility and due diligence, business case development, stage plan execution, scope definition, evaluation of delivery time, creating the monitoring method, and more will be provided. It also includes project management abilities, such as assigning tasks and resolving issues as well as managing stages and closing the project.

2. There are a variety of ways to find work.

A PRINCE2-certified applicant is seen by an employer as someone who can coordinate the project’s human resources, financial resources, and material resources. PRINCE2-certified professionals are more prepared to satisfy client demands, manage stakeholders, and minimise project risks. PRINCE2 certification is a need for any firm trying to recruit a project manager who can perform under pressure.

3. Excellent Earnings Prospects

A PRINCE2 certification is proof that you’ve improved your abilities and knowledge to meet the requirements of your current or future position. An employer may be confident that you’ll be a more effective project manager and a better leader if they hire you. Because of this, PRINCE2 is a certain way to raise your compensation in the workplace.

4. Learn by Doing and Don’t Teach

Methodology based on the PRINCE2 framework and principles is well established. It is not meant to be consulted in the event of an emergency. There are seven predefined principles that may be applied to every project management situation, making it a well-structured programme.

·         Starting and continuing a project requires a strong case for the business case. The project’s business case is constantly being evaluated and updated.

·         For each and every project, lesson records are kept. It is important to keep a log for each project, as well as for all of the prior ones.

·         There are clearly defined roles and duties at four distinct levels, where programme participants may share or assume more than one.

·         A common PRINCE2 technique is to divide a project into distinct stages. Every time a stage is completed the business case, risk assessment, and next stage plan must be reevaluated and modified.

·         It is documented and evaluated before moving on to the next step if a stage has an exception to it.

·         In PRINCE2 techniques, product delivery and product definition remain the major focus.

·         Prescription for PRINCE2 programme tailoring includes consideration of project complexity and effort necessary.

5. The certification is recognised around the world.

A PRINCE2 certification holder has a better chance of getting a job in a new location because of the certification’s global acceptability.

6. Adaptability to a Variety of Industry Environments

PRINCE2 is a technique that anybody can use since it is based on real-world experience. A wide range of sectors and projects can benefit from its ideas, which are adaptable. A PRINCE2 certification can broaden the scope of a project manager’s skill set and increase their marketability.

7. Accomplished in a Short Time

Obtaining certification isn’t time-consuming or expensive in any way. For the working professional, this is an ideal solution. You can take the test once you’ve finished the training module. The application process is straightforward and does not need a lengthy registration or audit.

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