5 Summer Travel Tips That Will Make Family Trips Easier

With the kids out of school and the warm weather finally here, summer travel should be on everyone’s agenda. But if you’re not prepared, summer vacation can be an absolute nightmare for parents and children alike. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic or lose your luggage, so learn from these five summer travel tips that will make family trips easier this year.

1) Planning Makes All The Difference

You may think that you can make last-minute decisions about things like flights, hotels, and restaurants. Sure, it might be possible for you to get away with that if you’re going on a one-day business trip or vacationing as a couple, but planning ahead is crucial when traveling with your kids. Letting them know their travel plans well in advance will help alleviate their stress levels, which makes everyone more comfortable overall. The key is to start thinking about those summer vacation plans now – even if it means booking something months in advance. While you’re at it, book a bag storage service like luggage storage NYC. Free your hands of any unnecessary bags and enjoy a bag-free trip wherever you go. You’ll thank yourself later!

2) Keep Kids Active and Entertained

The most important tip is to keep kids active and entertained. It’s crucial to get kids moving during long drives so they don’t fidget, fight or whine. If you want your family trip to be fun and successful, a good way to do that is by giving them activities like books, games and puzzles that will give them something productive to do on a car ride. If your road trip is going longer than eight hours, it might be a good idea for each person in your group (including parents) to bring their own small laptop or tablet device loaded with movies or video games, because sitting in one place for too long isn’t healthy for anyone. Looking for a vacation spot that has something for everyone in your family? Consider Walt Disney World! This magical theme park has thrilling rides, amazing shows, and lots of entertainment options. And when you need to relax, there are plenty of hotels nearby, from cozy to luxurious. Read more about these hotels as you plan your dream vacation.

3) Think Safety First

Vacationing can be a memorable experience, but it’s also a time when families spend more time together than they do at home. If you want your family to have an incredible summer vacation and come back healthy, whole and ready for school, take some time to plan before you set out. One of the best ways to make sure your trip is memorable in good ways is to think safety first. Planning ahead—whether it’s planning your meals or picking up travel insurance—can help keep your family safe while traveling during summer months

4) Try Something New This Summer

It’s summertime, which means vacation season is here. If you’re traveling with kids, now is a great time to try something new that will make your next trip easier and more fun for everyone involved. For example, if you normally rent a hotel room when you travel with your family, try an Airbnb instead; they are perfect for traveling families and typically cost far less than traditional lodging. Summertime also offers plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors together as a family—hiking trails or even small-town amusement parks often have cool activities for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Even better: These types of outings are often free or relatively inexpensive!

5) Create a Fun Travel Ritual

Many families find that developing a family ritual for travel makes a trip easier and helps to reduce everyone’s anxiety. Plan your ritual in advance, whether it is a game or activity that you play together on every trip or something special you do to mark your arrival at each destination. Making your travel rituals fun will help keep everyone from getting stressed out when you’re on the road. Creating memories together will make future trips feel like more of an adventure, rather than just another errand to run. Here are some family travel rituals we suggest

6) Choose A Destination With Activities For All Ages

Don’t assume that every member of your family is interested in water sports, hiking or museums. If you have kids, do some research on your destination and look for activities that will suit everyone. You can also plan a trip to a city with lots of indoor attractions if you’re headed somewhere where you’ll be rained out most days. If you don’t want to travel far, consider looking for a hotel or cottage with an indoor pool as an option—though it might not be as much fun as heading down to Coney Island for a day at the beach. After all, whether or not your family agrees on what activity to do isn’t important; just make sure everyone is together and having fun!

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