5 Best Sites to Hire Node.js Developers

Companies that need to cover their web development tasks often look for programmers, coders, and developers for different kinds to hire. And having a wide variety of websites to choose from, it can take time to find a platform with dedicated Node.js developers to hire.

Node.js requires a certain level of specific specialization, and that’s what makes it hard to find skilled specialists. But we decided to ease that task for you and provide the top 5 platforms where you can find Node.js freelancers, Node.js specialists to join your in-house team and those that can provide you with outsourced Node.js development services.

5 Top Sites to Hire Node.js Developers to Cover Your Project Development Needs

Below, you will find 5 trusted websites to find experts with proven expertise in Node.js, as all of the sources listed below don’t allow everyone to enter the platform but apply a kind of verification process to ensure that only high-quality experts are there.


DevTeam.Space is one of the most trusted platforms for finding matching experts. Whether you need someone to cover your mobile development needs, cloud development, web solution creation, or whatever – it has got you covered.

The platform hosts thousands of technical specialists with good knowledge and vast experience in using such technologies as Python, Java, React, Kotlin, Node.js, and others. Add what makes it really great is that DevTeam.Space is a closed community, so entering it is not that easy, and you can expect to find only qualified specialists there.

More benefits of this platform include an AI-powered agile process and a highly intuitive interface. What does this mean for you?

  • First, you can take advantage of a vetting process and matching services to find specialists of a certain kind with qualifications beyond just technical expertise. For example, requesting a Node.js developer with a project management background is possible.
  • Secondly, it is possible to find experts with experience in using such off-shoots of Node.js as Express.js, AngularJS, Vue.js, etc.
  • Furthermore, after you find the best matching specialist, you can take advantage of DevTeam’s intuitive dashboard for communication, payment and task management. Meanwhile, the platform will provide performance, hours, and overall project completion data.
  • And the last point is that DevTeam.Space eliminates the need to interview specialists, which can be very convenient.


One of the most popular and well-known platforms for hiring technical specialists, including developers, architects, and consultants, is Topal. While we are nearly sure that you have already heard of this service, below we provide you with the key benefits of using it.

  • Topal has a sound screening and vetting system that only accepts 3% of applications out of thousands. This means that when hiring a specialist there, you can be sure to find a good one.
  • After hiring a developer on Topal, the platform gives you a trial period to ensure it’s a match. You can use this period to determine if a developer fits your project and meets your expectations – all out of charge.
  • Even though Topal is versatile in industry expertise, its main focus is o e-commerce. So if you are working in this sector and want to develop a sound web application, check this platform out.

FullStack Labs

Even though FullStack Labs has a relatively small pool of Node.js developers, you can expect to find the most experienced specialists there. Specialists on FullStack Labs are known for having rich Node.js expertise and knowledge of related technologies, including Express.js, Sails, and Koa.

And here are some of the platform’s distinctive features that make it great.

  • FullStack Labs is a trusted provider. Among its clients and in reviews, you can find such companies as Siemens and Uber, which says a lot about the qualification of developers you can hire there.
  • Signing an NDA is a must so you always ensure the security of your project-related data.
  • The platform offers consultation services that allow you to understand better what kind of developer you need for your project.
  • FullStack Labs covers a broad spectrum of services, so it’s an excellent place to start the development of your solution and then continue with its maintenance and support.


CodeMentorX has a rich pool of Node.js developers (over 4,230). On the platform, you can find specialists who’ll serve you as freelancers or those to become your permanent team members.

What’s good about CodeMentorX?

  • All the specialists you can hire there have undergone a strict vetting process.
  • The AI-powered matching system works well for finding a perfect fit.
  • There is a trial period to check if a developer you hired meets your requirements and expectations.
  • The platform states that it helps you hire specialists and cover your hiring needs within 72 hours.


X-Team is a platform where you can find a dedicated development team made up of specialists you need to cover your project needs, including Node.js developers. The platform hosts freelancers looking to become part of development teams from all across the globe.

And here are more specifics of X-Team.

  • The platform suits those looking for long-term cooperation, as the minimum contract duration is 3 months.
  • X-Team serves as a matching mechanism for finding specialists who fit your needs most.
  • It allows you to specify everything important to you, from years of experience to technical background and knowledge of a specialist you need.

As you can see, there are plenty of good options to choose when looking for a place to hire Node.js developers. And to conclude this list, we’d like to say a few words about another one – cooperation with a software development company. It’s one of the most popular ways to find Node.js developers with proven expertise and varied experience, which is essential if you want to ensure that your project is in good hands. What’s more, software development providers usually go beyond technical expertise and can also provide you with business analysts, marketers, designers, and so on. So make sure to check out this option as well.

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