Four Things Nobody Told You about Concrete Mixer for sale in Kenya

A concrete mixer is a device that homogeneously facilitates a combination of cement, gravel, and water to form a hunk of concrete, whereby a revolving drum is used to mix the components. In addition, concrete is the only product with a plastic state molded into various shapes before it hardens to extremely durable material. This article focuses on the determining factors behind the pricing of concrete mixers in Kenya.


Richard Bodlaender, a German inventor, recorded the first version of the portable mortar mixer, which a horse drew in the year 1904. A large drum that contained paddles for churning the concrete, which replaced the front wheels, created mixing action as the wheel turned following being drawn by the horse. Thanks to the innovation and creativity in the construction sector, this gives birth to more advanced concrete mixers.

Factors Affecting Concrete Mixer Prices


Concrete mixers, depending on the model, have a different price range—however, its largest lies in the projects that determine what kind of a mixer is best suitable. Hydraulic concrete mixer is slightly more expensive than the electric concrete mixer machine, whereas self-loading substantial mixer vehicles are the most costly. On the contrary, the price tag for small concrete mixers is relatively cheaper. It is worth noting that the concrete mixer model plays a major role in determining the final price.

After Sales Services

When it comes to machines, it’s beyond doubt that after-sales service is the most considered factor to enhance the device’s longevity and efficiency. A concrete mixer with considerable after-sales such as warranty in case of breakdown, timely arranging for engineering do offer repair and frequent visits to check on the machine status has a higher price than the rest. The buyers should assess the nature of the after-sales service contract agreement before completing a purchase.

Raw Material

Construction is an activity that involves the lifting of heavy and hard materials. In this case, steel is the most preferred raw material for the production of quality concrete mixers. Furthermore, the concrete mixer made from special wear-resistant steel and corrosion resistant translates to a higher price. The increase in the steel cost will affect the price of the concrete mixer upwards. The concrete mixer price in Kenya significantly relies on this, and buyers should always be on the lookout to identify the raw material used to avoid the wrong purchase.


The quality drives the price of the concrete mixer with high quality equating to a higher price and vice versa. It is attributed to the fact that when quality is used as a factor, the demand goes high while the supply lowers. The results push the prices higher for the highly demanded machine. As it is all clear, the law of supply and demand directly determines the prices of commodities, and the concrete mixer is not an exception.


Whether you are looking for a small or high-capacity concrete mixer, prices also differ. However, this should not prevent one from acquiring a concrete mixer because the benefits surpass shortcomings. As opposed to the manual mixing of concrete, concrete mixers machines deliver a fixed quality of concrete of high standard and the process quick and efficient for big projects.

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