Who Are the Top Employers in Calgary?

A great city with a lot going on is Calgary. It is a city with many cultures and centuries of history, but it also offers many opportunities and is seeing rapid expansion in many different areas. The majority of the country’s major oil corporations, including Shell, Suncor, Husky, Imperial Oil, and Nexen, have offices in Calgary, which is regarded as the center of the country’s oil industry. The Mile High Corridor and West Village are two great Calgary real estate features, but living somewhere with a gazillion square feet and that is anything but cool can get a little monotonous. However, Calgary Homes for Sale are pricey. Comparing Calgary’s average home price to New York’s $1 to $2 million price range, Calgary’s is about $365,000. The city can accommodate your desire to live in the most expensive real estate market in the world while simultaneously providing you with affordable housing. Given everything being equal, it’s likely to be a wise investment.

Regardless of the state of the economy, Calgary firms are constantly looking for top talent. People from all over the world relocate to Calgary, which shapes the city’s architecture, arts, culture, and social dynamics. It is simple to conduct online searches to learn what positions are available at many of Calgary’s leading employers if you are thinking about moving here. Read on for a few of the top employers in Calgary.


A major employer in Calgary and a globally competitive energy firm, Suncor. Pensions, benefits, and professional development opportunities are provided by Suncor to its employees. Calgary’s Suncor Energy Inc. production of natural gas and crude oil; 18,379 workers. Offers a one-time option to move to a hybrid pension plan to new hires who are enrolled in a defined contribution pension plan when their age and service history reach 50. In 1917, The Sun Company Inc. began operating in Canada, selling lubricating oils, kerosene, and spirits to war factories in the Montreal region. While this was going on, Dr. Karl Clark was working on the hot water extraction method, which was developed in 1923 and is still employed today, in a lab at the Alberta Research Council in Edmonton.

Enbridge Inc.

Millions of people throughout the world are safely connected by that bridge to the energy they need each day to sustain their quality of life. We have always looked beyond the immediate future to invest in and develop cutting-edge infrastructure, resilient communities, and secure energy sources. This is especially true today. Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. 7,384 workers; energy infrastructure. provides a formal wellness program that promotes a range of activities, including team step challenges, a month-long mindfulness challenge, health evaluations, and biometric exams smart export import expedition business guidance for all entrepreneurs dvcodes.

Ford Motor Company

The maple leaf and the Mustang were both created by Ford Motor Company of Canada. The oldest car manufacturer in Canada is Ford of Canada, a division of Ford Motor.  At its assembly and manufacturing facilities, Ford of Canada produces automobiles, trucks, hybrids, and electric vehicles. The corporation manages hundreds of Ford and Ford-Lincoln dealerships, including those in every province of Canada, and has parts delivery centers as well. Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd., an automobile manufacturer with 6,570 workers, is based in Oakville, Ontario. generously subsidizes the cost of tuition for both courses directly relevant to the employee’s job and those that are not.

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