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Understanding the digital consumer


There is a notion that pervades marketing circles today, a notion of mysterious ethereal creatures who exist in a hyper-connected, multifaceted cyber world of their own. They are an enigma: they speak a different language, communicate in ways we don’t understand, and they are turning the world of marketing on its head. These are the ephemeral, wraith-like ‘digital consumers’, who slip effortlessly through the marketer’s grasp. Digital consumers are different, we’re told… but are they really.

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The digital consumer revealed

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The first thing to realize about digital consumers is that there is basically no such thing. The customers and prospects you encounter online are the very same people who walk into your store every day, call you on the telephone, or order something from your mail-order catalogue. There’s nothing dark, sinister or mysterious about them. They are people – like everybody else. ‘There is no great mystery about how think and what they want’, maintains interactive marketing expert Giles Rhys Jones of Interactive Marketing.

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Making the web their own Trends

Consumers, whatever their ‘flavour’, don’t care about the way that marketers define what they do. Concepts like above the line, through the line, below the line, digital, traditional, experiential, linear, analogue, mobile, direct, indirect – or any other ‘box’ we care to slip our marketing endeavours into – are completely meaningless to them. All consumers care about is the experience – how the marketing available to them can enhance the experience and help them to make more informed decisions.

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