Top 5 Ways to Recover From Postpartum Hair Loss

Most women experience the so-called “glow” during pregnancy – your hair is shinier, your cheeks are fuller, and your smile is wider than ever. However, after giving birth, your hormone levels change, which affects your body in many ways. As women, most of us take great pride in our hair. Therefore, there’s no mystery that one of the toughest postpartum symptoms to deal with is hair loss. To recover your lovely locks in no time, read up on these carefully curated expert tips on how to take care of your hair.

Be gentle to your hair

While your hair is recovering from giving birth, it’s best not to treat it with harsh shampoos and hot styling tools. Your mane can’t become thicker if you’re constantly burning it with a hot staying iron. When it comes to shampoo and other products, try to use those which are sulfate-free. Sulfates are found in most shampoos and are notoriously linked with hair loss. You’ll be happy to know that many care products geared towards newborns are sulfate-free so that you can use the same shampoo as your little bundle of joy.

Visit a hairstylist

It can be hard to find some time for proper self-care when you have a newborn to care about. However, expert stylists recommend you get a new haircut to promote hair growth. Certain hairstyles may also tactically hide the fact that your hair is much thinner now. For example, wolf cuts that are taking the fashion world by storm can make your hair look more voluminous than it actually is.

Get tape extensions

If you’re bothered by the thinning of your hair, you may find solace in the fact that luxury tape hair extensions can make your hair look fuller than it was both before and during pregnancy. They don’t need additional maintenance for as long as two months, and when installed by a professional, they look as natural as your own hair. If you decide on tape extensions, you should know that they require special hair to stay in top condition. Don’t wash your hair for two days after application so that tape bonds can cure. When you wash your hair, be careful to use a special shampoo for extensions so that glue doesn’t weaken. For the same reason, make sure that other products you use to nourish your hair aren’t oil-based. Tape-ins don’t damage your hair and can be an extremely helpful way to endure through this transition period.

Proper nutrition is key

You can’t expect your body to grow if you don’t fuel it well. Staying on top of your dietary habits is very important for new moms and is crucial for stopping postpartum hair loss. A nutrient-dense diet rich in healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein will help you keep your gorgeous curls thick. Try to have fish at least twice a week since it’s high in omega-3 fats and protein, which are a godsend for hair growth. When it comes to healthful carbs, experts recommend sourcing them from oats, whole-grain bread, and quinoa. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too!

Take your vitamins

Before you decide on taking specific vitamins, you should consult your general practitioner. While vitamins should never be a substitution for a healthy diet, they are undoubtedly helpful to it. Taking supplements that boost hair growth, such as vitamin B complex, iron, zinc, and vitamins C and E, can help you recover your thick head of hair more quickly. In addition, some doctors recommend continuing with your prenatal vitamins too.

Postpartum hair loss, abdominal separation, and many other lingering side effects of pregnancy affect a woman’s self-esteem negatively. Luckily as you have seen in this article hair loss has many possible solutions, so does abdominal separation. So what diastasis recti treatments are available? Well, the best treatment for this condition is exercise and girdles which will help tighten up the abdominal area.

Getting your hair back to its top form is a process that won’t happen overnight. By eating healthy foods, using gentle products, and masking your hair loss with tape extensions and a new haircut, you will quickly put a stopper on hair loss and enhance your mane’s growth.

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