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If you’re thinking about getting a Telegram Messenger(Telegram电脑版) for your smartphone, there are some things to consider before making the decision. There are several important features to consider, including price, security, user base, and features. Read on to learn more. In this article, we’ll discuss these features and weigh their importance against other Messenger options. In the end, you’ll have an easier time deciding which Messenger is best for you. Read on for some tips!

User base

The popularity of Telegram(纸飞机中文版) has skyrocketed in recent years, with a reported user base of 400 million in July. This number was reported by Telegram, which is based in Russia. The messenger gained its popularity when Facebook’s WhatsApp went through privacy problems that resulted in the sharing of users’ personal information. As a result, Telegram has become one of the most popular apps on smartphones and tablets, and is also rapidly catching up with other social media platforms.

While the user base of Telegram Messenger is huge and its growth has exceeded expectations, the company is in a tight spot when it comes to monetization. The founder of Telegram pays all company bills from his personal resources – around $1 million a month. As a result, Telegram is in desperate need of capital, and the size of its user base is large enough for the company to generate capital. Moreover, Telegram has made several promises to its users, including never selling their information to third parties and keeping their application ad-free.


Telegram’s powerful chat tools enable users to conduct group conversations and hold leaderless protests. Users can also add as many channels and messages as they wish to one folder. In addition to this, users can organize their chats under different categories. In this way, users can stay organized and enjoy their chat experience without the distractions of many apps and windows. In this guide, you’ll learn about the features and benefits of Telegram Messenger.

The privacy of private conversations is paramount and Telegram has several features to keep your conversation safe. It is possible to set an expiration date for all messages and other media. Users can also choose a timer for deleted messages. Lastly, users can synchronize their data if they so wish. This makes Telegram a great alternative to WhatsApp. Despite the privacy concerns, it is a free messaging app that will never charge you.


One of the major concerns about online privacy is security. While the main goal of Telegram is to offer a secure messaging service, it’s also important to keep the user’s identity private. Telegram shares user information with its parent company and with community members, but it retains its right to provide a user’s IP address or phone number to law enforcement authorities if necessary. However, the company has not recorded any customer terrorist activity to date.

While Telegram claims to provide secure messaging, some of the most pressing issues surround privacy and security. For example, users may not be aware of the fact that their chat history is stored on the server, or that a single user’s data can be accessed by any third party. Moreover, Telegram’s security measures are not as stringent as you’d expect. Telegram can store messages in the cloud and encrypt them with an encryption key. However, if someone hacks into Telegram’s infrastructure, it can steal the encryption keys.


The price of Telegram Messenger isn’t the only factor that drives the cost of the messaging app. The number of users has increased to more than 500 million, but this hasn’t prevented the company from adding more paid features. For instance, they are integrating ads into the massive public channels. Despite this, you won’t see advertisements within private group chats. This will make Telegram more appealing to advertisers and the media.

Another reason Telegram users should consider a premium subscription is that it gives them access to many features that aren’t available to free users. Premium subscribers will have access to stickers and reactions, which are similar to bigger versions of emojis. These stickers will be visible to subscribers only, and non-subscribers will be asked to upgrade. The cost of a premium subscription depends on how much you plan to use the premium features.

App availability

While the app’s name may not immediately conjure up thoughts of privacy, the message-sending platform is widely known for its encryption and privacy features. Its user base is estimated to reach 550 million monthly active users, and it tends to grow rapidly whenever one of its larger competitors is tarnished by a privacy scandal. Additionally, users can have as many as ten accounts on the same device. So, if you’re in the market for a new messaging app, check out the latest versions of Telegram Messenger.

Another plus of this messenger app is its security and convenience. This app is completely free, and doesn’t sell your data or display advertisements on its website. It’s also not supported by third-party ad platforms, which means you can enjoy its features without worrying about privacy. Moreover, it’s easy to install and use, and the user base continues to grow. There’s no better time to download Telegram than now.

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