How to make your own pillows

Making your own pillows can be a fun and rewarding project that not only saves you money, but also allows you to personalize your home decor. With just a few simple materials and some basic sewing skills, you can create beautiful and comfortable pillows that are perfect for any room in your house.

To start, choose the fabric for your pillow cover. You can either select a pre-made pillow cover or purchase fabric from a craft store. Cut the fabric into two equal-sized pieces to create the front and back of the pillow cover. Next, sew these pieces together using a sewing machine or by hand stitching along three sides. Turn the cover right-side out and insert the pillow form or stuffing of your choice before sewing closed the final side.

Once you have created your first pillow, don’t be afraid to get creative with different fabrics, colors, shapes, and sizes for future projects.

Customize Your Pillows

Making your own pillows is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor. Customizing your pillows allows you to choose the perfect fabric, color, and design that will complement your space. Not only do DIY pillows look amazing, but they can also save you money compared to buying them from a store.

There are countless ways to make your own pillows. Whether you want to sew them from scratch or use pre-made pillow covers and embellish them with iron-on transfers or embroidery, the possibilities are endless. You can even experiment with different shapes and sizes such as round or rectangular pillows for added visual interest.

One of the best things about making your own pillows is that it’s an easy project for beginners and experienced crafters alike custom washi tape.

Step 1: Choose Materials

Making your own custom body pillow can be a fun and fulfilling DIY project. Not only does it allow you to express your creativity in choosing the materials, but it also gives you control over the quality of the final product. When making your own pillows, it is important to choose materials that suit your preferences and needs.

One of the most crucial aspects of pillow-making is selecting the right filling material. Some popular options include down feathers, synthetic fibers, and foam. Down feathers are known for their softness and insulating properties, while synthetic fibers are more affordable and hypoallergenic. Foam is another option that offers good support for those who need it.

In addition to selecting filling material, you will also need to choose a fabric for the cover of your pillow. This can range from cotton or linen blends to silk or velvet – depending on the look and feel you want to achieve with your pillows.

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

Making your own pillows is a fun and creative way to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank. Plus, you get the satisfaction of having something unique that reflects your personal style. One way to achieve this is by using cut out pieces to create custom designs.

First, gather materials such as fabric, pillow stuffing, scissors, and any other embellishments you may want to use. Next, decide on the size and shape of your pillow and cut out two identical pieces of fabric in that size and shape. Then, use smaller cut-out pieces of different fabrics or textures to create a design on one or both sides of the pillow cover.

You can mix and match patterns or colors for a playful look or stick with monochromatic tones for a more subdued vibe.

Step 3: Sew Together

Making your own pillows can be a fun and creative way to add some personality to your home decor. With just a few basic supplies, including fabric, thread, and stuffing material, you can create custom pillows that perfectly match your personal style. Whether you prefer bold prints or subtle textures, sewing together your own pillows allows you to express yourself in a unique and meaningful way.

To get started on your DIY pillow-making journey, begin by selecting the right materials for the job. Choose high-quality fabrics that are both durable and comfortable to the touch. Consider using natural fibers like cotton or linen for a softer feel, or go for something more luxurious like silk or velvet if you want to make a statement.

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, it’s time to get sewing! Start by cutting out two pieces of fabric in the shape and size of your desired pillow.

Step 4: Stuff Pillow

Making your own pillows is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor while also saving money. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living room or make a cozy addition to your bedroom, creating custom pillows is easy and fun. All you need are some basic sewing skills and the materials of your choice.

First off, gather all the necessary materials for making a stuffed pillow. You will need fabric, stuffing material (such as cotton or foam), thread, scissors and a sewing machine. Once you have everything ready, start by cutting two pieces of fabric into desired shapes with enough allowance for seam allowances. Pin the two pieces together with their right sides facing each other before sewing around three sides of the pillowcase.

After sewing around three sides of the pillowcase, turn it right side out and stuff it with filling material until it reaches desired firmness.


Making your own pillows is a rewarding experience and a great way to add a personal touch to your home. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get creative, have fun and make something that you can be proud of. From selecting the perfect fabric to stuffing it with the right cushioning material, you can tailor each pillow exactly to your liking. Best of all, it doesn’t require any special skills or fancy equipment – all you need is some spare time and a few supplies.

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