error code in email [pii_email_a4afd22dca99c2593bff]

Microsoft Outlook is the ideal software for handling professional email management. Unlike other email management software, Microsoft Outlook can manage emails from different email clients (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) together. Despite this advantage, Microsoft Outlook is the 3rd most used email client software. It’s because Outlook is not always smooth and flawless when it comes to email sending.

The software is a little glitchy and often shows errors that have big names like [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]. Such big names strike fear and confusion in the user’s heart and they panic thinking that their email got hacked or banned. We assure you there is no reason to be afraid. Your email is safe and it did not get hacked or banned. It’s a software issue with Microsoft Outlook.

The good news is that these errors are easy to solve. You don’t need to be a programmer and coder to solve them. That being said, let’s talk about error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]. What is it? What causes it? How to fix it? Let’s look at the procedure.

What is the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]?

Error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] does not mean that there is something wrong with your email address. It means that Microsoft Outlook is not working properly. Several reasons cause this error. It could be an installation problem or something else.

This error does not allow you to send emails which jeopardize the main purpose of Microsoft Outlook. But do not worry. This error is very easily solvable. So if error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] shows up on your screen, jump into solving it as fast as possible.

Causes of [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error

The error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] means Microsoft Outlook is failing to send out emails to your clients.

Reasons could be errors in software codes or others in the application.

Our best guess would be the installation process. There could be some small errors that occurred in the installation process of Microsoft Outlook and thus causing this error. It could be an unfinished installation or there has been some wrong input in the process.

If the installation was done properly then the error could occur due to using multiple accounts together. If you use more than one account in Microsoft Outlook and rapidly switch between them, the application may fail to register and update the software codes accordingly. The codes will get messy and incomplete and cause a glitch in the algorithm.

Our next guess is that you have installed more than one email client software on the computer. These applications will conflict with each other and it will cause none of them to work properly that include Microsoft Outlook.

Our final guess, you are using a pirated version of the software or using pirated Windows.

How to fix the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error?

Now that we know the reasons for the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error, let’s look at its solving methods.

  • Use a one account at a time

In any software, if you switch between user accounts rapidly, the software may show errors. Microsoft Outlook is no different. Most of the errors in Outlook are caused by using multiple accounts. The software fails to register and error pop-ups like [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] show up. So if this error occurs, simply log out of all the accounts and start with one account from the beginning. If you have to use multiple accounts, then change the accounts after 10 minutes of log-in. This will give the software enough time to update the codes for the accounts.

  • Removing all Cache and Cookies

If using a single account did not solve the error, then there might be some damaged codes within the software. The best thing you can do now is trying deleting all previous cache and cookies. It will simply remove all the temporary codes in the software and replace them with system default codes. If the error code that was causing [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] was in the cache & cookies codes, this method should solve your problem. If it didn’t work, you should try the other methods.

  • Update Microsoft Outlook

Sometimes a simple update might work. Your version of Microsoft Outlook could be outdated. Give it an update.

  • Use different versions of Windows

If you are using Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10, then this error may occur frequently. That is because Windows 10 cannot run the software smoothly yet. So until Windows has fixed this problem, we would recommend you consider using Windows 7 and 8.

  • Use verified software

Microsoft is getting strong day by day for preventing the use of software piracy. If someone has managed to build a pirated copy of their software, it may simply not work. Microsoft did this with Windows and all other software that includes Microsoft Outlook. So if error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] shows up, check your software and Windows. See if they are verified.

  • Use Trouble Shooting Center

If the previous methods did not work, then you can use Troubleshooter. You have to guide troubleshooting to the error. Some people might feel very irritated or unsure about this method and opt for the installation process. But the Troubleshooter will save you from all the trouble of the software installation process and reorganize the software from the beginning. That is why we would recommend you try Troubleshooting first.

If you have made up your mind then here is how you do it. Open the start icon on your computer and go to settings. In settings, you will find updates & security. Browse to the troubleshooting option in update & security. Click on it and guide it to the error in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Reinstalling Microsoft Outlook

If none of the previous methods worked, then it’s time for reinstallation.

Reinstalling is the most effective method for solving any kind of error. You should do it after fully understanding the procedure or do it in presence of an IT expert. So before reinstalling, learn the steps of it from a help center or YouTube.

  • Using the web browser

If you are in an emergency and don’t have the time for fixing errors [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378], then you can use the web version of Microsoft Outlook.

Simply go to your browser and browse to Microsoft outlook and sign up using your email. If the web version is also showing an error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378], then clear browser data, cache, cookies, and try again.

Final Verdict

We live in a world of technology where there’s no room for error. But not everything is perfect and Microsoft Outlook in particular has a lot of errors. The good thing is they are easily solvable. So it is better to start solving them when you can rather than be a sitting duck.

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