Employee Activity Management Apps for iOS and Android Users

For individuals or businesses with the incentive to monitor and manage multiple mobile and desktop screens from one source, there are various employee activity management apps for iOS and Android users. Reasonably, there may be many reasons why the admin or owner of numerous devices may desire the need to streamline the interactions users experience when using mobile devices. 

From a business perspective, a company manager of an employee activity management app may review the sites their employees interact with and then analyze various data such as the duration on specific sites, tasks performed, work efficiency, and more. For assistance in the development of a screen control app for your operations, companies may reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development agency, like

What are Common Employee Activity App Features? 

When opting multiple devices into an employee activity management app, there may be various features accessible to the admin or users which prove useful for running the mobile application. For starters, setting up devices and their online activity may be possible through the connection of a single code that relays data and real-time feedback to the master terminal or device. 

Once all the devices are connected properly, the admin may message, share links, or redirect all screens to one site for all users to participate in. Additionally, the admin may exercise the ability to close users’ tabs, lock the entire device from the user, share screens, and more from within the dashboard. Since most systems such as these incorporate programs for managing and monitoring employee time clocks, it is best to review more information about how to combat employee burnout with online time clock software.

Employee Activity Management Apps


From within the ActivTrak Dashboard, an administrator of the app may monitor other users’ screen activities to better manage and understand their staff work processes. Through detailed and real-time data reports, an ActivTrak Admin may record screenshots and modify the settings of other user devices associated with the mobile application.

With this program, company managers may better understand the digital activities of their teams to improve productivity, increase protection through active screen monitoring, and track daily website and application activity to optimize online workflows. 


Although designated for educational institutions, businesses may license their accounts and devices through GoGuardian to monitor and manage the screens of their employees. To keep teams on track, limit potential distractions, or retrieve insights on employee tasks, GoGuardian makes screen control and management simple to operate and easy to navigate. 

Once the account has been registered to the applicable devices and networks, then the admin may either monitor screens from an iOS or Android mobile device. As users interact with the devices, GoGuardian enables the end-user to close out any specific tabs users are running, offers screen sharing to gain attention and focus to one particular screen, and locks devices if not in use. In the app version, there are summary reports of screen activity, filtering of devices, and allocation of administrative controls beyond one designated user. 


For many reasons, companies may monitor employees’ productivity on mobile and desktop devices. Commonly, businesses opt into using a mobile application like Hubstaff, to monitor employee hours on specific project tasks. As users work, Hubstaff tracks and records employee online activities to collect relevant and useful data for the company. 

Ideally, the data generated may benefit both employees and managers significantly as the data is applied for developing timesheets for payroll, offering progress updates for project staff, and boosting productivity across multiple departments.


Teramind is an all-in-one employee monitoring and management application that offers user-friendly functionality of management features on a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Within the program, there are threat detection systems, alerts and notifications features, device and user behavior monitoring programs, and numerous productivity reports for different projects, social media, and online activities across each registered member.  

Termaminds user activity monitoring (UAM) systems consist of technologies for both securing multiple companies’ associated systems and boosting company employee productivity. Due to the system’s functionality to view various systems at once, administrators and managers may spot potential security issues before other users follow through with the hacking, virus, or online threat. Beyond threat detection and prevention, companies may conduct employee training, employee performance reviews, and track the productivity of employee tasks for payroll purposes. 


Similar to other employee activity tracking and management apps, Veriato enables users the systems and the opportunity to raise staff productivity while optimizing systems and workflows. Within the program, there are numerous different functions for employee time, attendance, and productivity monitoring and management. 

When monitoring employee systems on Veriato, there are idle and active, site productivity time tracking, screenshot functions, privacy, account, and settings configurations, and endpoint control technologies. Within the Viriato endpoint technology, there is also device tracking for stolen or lost devices for both PC, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. 


In conclusion, employee management apps provide the essential tools and technologies required for effectively monitoring, tracking, and managing multiple users’ devices within the company. These systems may be operated on mobile devices and offer administrators or company managers the ability to review user behaviors, productivity levels, and online interactions while working remotely on company devices. These systems are user-friendly, offer real-time updates, and keep employees on track to raise productivity levels across the organization. 


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