Car Servicing: Types and Costs

Every time you think about servicing your car, a spontaneous question pops up in your mind–what will the service cost be?

At the same time, you are likely to explore further and ask yourself whether the involved cost will drill a hole in your pocket. And, the question matters because there is a wide variation of car servicing costs.

In Australia, car servicing costs range between $150 to $240 on average. And, the cost depends on the car and the type of service. Besides, the cost will vary depending on the mechanic you engage and the kilometers your car has traveled.

You should compare car service prices before taking your car to the service station.

Types of Car Servicing

Car servicing can involve different types of jobs at different times. Carrying out the right job each time will keep your car in good condition and prolong its lifespan.

Typically, there are two main types of services, which are:


Usually, the mechanic will look at the car’s parts and inspect your car during a minor service. The mechanic will also do smaller repairs, fill the tyres with air, and replace fluids. Overall, it involves inspecting the car for any issues. Minor services are short and involve little labour. In addition, it does not involve replacing tools and spare parts. head and shoulders pattern

Major Service

It is not difficult to figure out from the name that a major service involves more complex jobs. Although the frequency of major service is lesser than minor service, a major service includes more jobs.

Typically, a major car service includes multiple tasks, including inspecting the entire car to ensure all parts are working correctly.

The inspection includes engine, spark plugs, filters, brakes and batteries. In addition, the mechanic also carries out road safety inspection tests.

Remarkably, the number of kilometers your car has traveled also adds to the cost of your major servicing. If your car has traveled more distance, it becomes older and poses difficulty in servicing. In addition, expensive parts also add to the overall servicing costs.

When your car has traveled long distances, it undergoes more wear and tear, requiring more labor in servicing your car. And, the servicing costs go up as a result.

Service Costs for Specific Car Systems in Australia

Before you take your car for servicing, you should know the costs of servicing specific systems. Here are the costs of servicing specific car systems:

Car Windscreen

The cost of repairing a damaged standard windscreen can hover between $200-$400. However, the cost can go up to $1200 if the windscreen is built with advanced technology.

Wheel Alignment Service

It is an important service to ensure that the car wheels are parallel. The cost of the wheel alignment service can hover between $50-$150, depending on the wheel size.

Car Window Tinting

The cost of tinting a window can cost $70. However, if you tint all the windows, the cost can be $200 to $500.

Timing Belt Service

It is an expensive service due to more time and labor to do the service. For example, a timing belt service can cost between $500 to $1000. Therefore, it can be good to compare a car service price to determine the best price.

Engine Service

It is also an expensive service due to the involvement of labor. An engine has many parts; servicing them necessitates labor and time. So, the cost goes higher. The cost can hover between $150-$300.


Owning a car comes with the responsibility of servicing it. But, you should also research the general car servicing costs to choose the best cost. With the variation of the costs among mechanics and service stations, you should not fail to determine the prevailing service costs.

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