2022 Trends In Smart TVs

Smart TVs circulating today are equipped with an array of features, functions and capabilities that would have been thought absurd a few decades ago. One of the biggest trends seen throughout the years and developing in 2022 is streaming. Here are some key trends for smart TVs and streaming that we can expect to see over 2022.

Closing The Gap

Advertising will incorporate shoppable ads, closing the gap between advertising and e-commerce and creating a single touchpoint, using technologies like QR codes. Shoppable advertisements allow for ecommerce advertisers to design a smooth, trackable path from the time of viewing an advertisement to making a purchase.

This gives businesses the opportunity to develop direct response-focused campaigns that will both generate brand metrics and quick action with easily demonstrable impact. The interactive features that accompany shoppable advertisements could, in turn, pave the way for TV advertising in the future to be less passive for viewers, allowing them to engage with the material directly.

What Even Is TV?

The definition of ‘TV’ is already considerably broad as it stands. The ways in which we choose to watch material are diversifying as streaming platforms grow in popularity and expand on their capabilities. The definition of TV viewing is shifting as a result of the integration of streaming services and other content sources like YouTube into linked TV platforms.

Less Cookies = More TV Ads

In a world without cookies, targeting and measurement will become more and more challenging. Addressable TV may be one option for businesses to reach their target consumers in a situation when they cannot be discovered through “conventional” digital means.

More, More, More

The streaming industry has made itself apparent, and is continuing to grow with no end in sight. This means we can expect to see a continued introduction of new streaming platforms, ultimately strengthening the existing streaming industry.

Due to this, we can likely expect to see brands and businesses favouring streaming platforms for their advertising requirements, as opposed to the commonly used platforms today.

These are but a few of the rising changes in smart TV and streaming news. The change simply keeps coming and does not stop. We can expect to see bountiful adjustments, introductions and growth in these industries as we advance further down the technological line.

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